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Hi! My name is Sammy. I live in the Southern Highlands in NSW, Australia and LOVE it. I live with my husband and gorgeous little fur babies (8 rescue bunnies) and feather babies (2 rescue hens). I absolutely adore animals and think this passion comes through in a lot of my artworks. There’s nothing quite like the love you get from pets! I love reading novels in the fantasy and science fiction genre and often incorporate these themes into my designs.

I teach high school students, so really enjoy balancing that by spending time creating artworks. I’ve explored many different mediums – pencil, watercolour, acrylic, oil and Copic markers predominantly – and find great fulfillment from creating something that other people get a kick out of. I have enjoyed many other creative pursuits such as cake decorating, sewing, face painting, woodwork and writing.

I would love to, one day, complete a fantasy novel accompanied by my own illustrations. To create a whole world, and to use words and pictures to help people access my vision of that world, would be such an amazing feeling…

Packaged and ready to send.
My fur babies have helped me through some tough life experiences, magnifying my love of animals!
This is a gorgeous place in Mudgee, NSW, where I go to get inspired.
A glimpse into some of my other creations.

Little Book Of Sonders

New South Wales, Australia

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